Our core brand that has been around since 2009, made to meet the demands of the masses. All products listed under Homie are designed from scratch to provide quality, durability at an affordable pricing that is fit for households of any size.

Over the years, Homie has grown from a small stall at a market into a leading provider of home textiles throughout Malaysia; all this made possible with our extreme dedication towards providing distinct products with our impeccable quality assurance standards

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Homie Baby

Homie Baby is our brand with a mission to bring high quality, safe and natural bedding products for newborns. Ensuring them a comfortable place to thrive as well as giving mothers peace of mind by using fully organic materials. If you are looking to create the perfect environment for your baby to rest, look no further than Homie Baby, we’ve got you covered!

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From relentless research and development, Tuya brings the epitome of sleep comfort to your bed. Why settle for a decent sleep when you can have the best? Our Tuya products feature exclusive silver ion antimicrobial technology designed to keep your sheets, pillows and covers free of harmful bacteria, odor causing mold and fungi growth.

Recognised as a Super Health Brand in the Asia pacific region, we promise you are getting much more than just a regular pillow.

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